Some of my favourite projects


Adobe taking over the stock world
Adobe taking over the stock world
May 10 2016 | No Comments |

Last June Adobe launched Adobe Stock - it's a solid service well aimed to compete with the giants in the space like iStock and Shutterstock. Given their increasing integration with their creative applications, it may well have the right stuff to prop [...]

World Machine
March 28 2016 | No Comments |

Most of the time my work involves either a photo or composited group of photos that form a scene around the central collage subject. At the moment I'm playing with something different - world machine. I've got 2 new pieces in the works that are going [...]

The Blue Marble
The Blue Marble
January 28 2016 | No Comments |

If you have a spare couple of minutes, check this out. It's simple amazing (and worth the wait with the long loading time).   It's one day’s observations from Himawari-8, a Japanese weather satellite, animated in a loop. It shows the we [...]


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